Mission and Vision


All migrants and refugees are protected, embraced and empowered in a world of just and welcoming communities.


As a witness to God’s love for all people, we stand with and advocate for migrants and refugees, transforming communities through ministries of service and justice.


“When I was a stranger, you welcomed me.” Rooted in faith, LIRS believes that we are called to welcome those fleeing persecution and seeking refuge in the United States.

Prophetic Witness
Not all are prophets, but all are called to be prophetic witnesses. At LIRS, this means we are committed to speaking out boldly and standing up for the just treatment of those we serve.

Driven by a desire to serve vulnerable refugees and migrants, we refuse to compromise our moral, economic, and political integrity as we carry out our mission to that end.

Committed to bold action and continuous learning, LIRS invites others to join our mission, eager to embrace fresh perspectives and explore new ways to engage in this work of welcome.

LIRS depends on a diverse network of community partners, faith-based groups, and private entities to magnify our reach and impact – and they rely on our expertise and leadership.

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