Digital Lenten Retreat

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Welcome to the 2022 Digital Lenten Retreat

This Lent, LIRS invites you and your community to join us in taking a break from the busyness of the season to walk alongside Jesus Christ on the road to crucifixion and resurrection. Designed as a weekly series, this Digital Lenten retreat will walk you through stories, prayer, reflection, recipes, and more each Wednesday in Lent.  

As you are able, we invite you to gather each Wednesday for this time of retreat around a mealGiven the traditional Lenten focus on sacrifice, abstinence and plainness, Lenten suppers are simple, having foods like soup that are shared with a community, inviting others to share in the stories of Jesus Christ. Sample soup recipes can be found at the bottom of each week's page.

Wherever you are, begin with a moment of silence, creating space and inviting God to open your heart. 

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